It’s Time for Assisted Living, But How Do You Tell Your Loved One?

Assisted LivingEveryone wants to stay in their home for as long as possible, so you can imagine how an older loved one feels when they have to move to assisted living facilities. How do you discuss the dangers and realities of living alone while their health is failing? How do you convince them that staying in an assisted living community may be the best option for them?

Here are a few ways to break the news to your loved one:

Plant the Idea

Never approach your loved one as if you have already made the decision; do not take away their power of choice. Simply mention that they have many options to make life safer, easier, and more fun even if they are not at home.

Take a Community Tour

Offer tours to various assisted living communities in Provo with your loved one, but only go if they are willing. Never force the issue; if your loved one says no, wait for a few days and try again. Show the beauty of the facility, the grounds, and the social scene. Always ask your loved one about what they think of the facilities.

Keep an Eye Out for a Moment

Did your loved one just fall and barely managed to escape unscathed? Use that moment to state the reason you are recommending assisted living. You can choose to say something along the lines of “That was cutting it close. When you’re feeling better, maybe we can look at assisted living communities nearby. We’ll both feel better if there are people around to assist you”.

Put Emphasis on Relaxation

Emphasize the fact that your loved one does not have to do chores or yard cleanup. They don’t need to call people to fix things. Highlight the convenience of living in these communities. Show them the good lifestyle that awaits them if they move into an assisted living facility.

Let everything sink in and wait for your loved one’s decision. Call for a family meeting, so your loved one will know how this new arrangement can benefit them.