Just it Take it Slow: The Right Way to Lose Weight

Fitness About 13 years ago, American illusionist David Blaine went 44 days, without having anything to eat, while suspended in a clear plastic box by the River Thames in London. According to reports, Blaine never had solid food for nearly two months, and water was his only nourishment. The magician looked thin and was very emotional when he left the box and had lost a staggering 54 pounds or about 24 kilos.

This death-defying stunt may have some desperate people thinking to starve themselves to get rid of their unwanted weight fast. The truth is, however, following a strict weight loss plan is never going to work; it will only set you up for disappointments. If you want to lose weight and keep it off, you have to make a commitment to gradually adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Say No to a Very Low-Calorie Diet

Experts suggest that is never advisable to have an extremely low-calorie diet, as it can leave you feeling deprived and heightens the temptation to binge. In most cases, such diets will also make you lose muscle rather than fat. The worst part is, it will only leave you with certain body parts that jiggle, instead of a slim and toned figure.

Help from Diet Supplements

Dietary supplements, as well as latex waist trainer corsets, can also help, but make sure you use them right, reminds Waist Trainers Australia. When it comes to supplements, consult your doctor or dietitian to find the right one that works for your situation. Waist trainers, on the other hand, need to be of good quality, to allow you to move freely while targeting the areas you want to change.

Just the Right Amount of Exercise

Regular exercise, of course, is of utmost importance, to support your goal of losing fat and keeping it off. Be sure, however, not to indulge in huge amounts of physical activity every day. This will only set you up for failure, as it can be difficult to keep up for the long-term. It is beneficial to get involved in swimming, running or biking.

The best way to lose weight is taking the healthy approach and never the most extreme methods. Choose a healthy diet, without sacrificing nutrition, and get involved in regular exercise, without pushing yourself too much. Keep in mind that it is always better to take things slow.