Keep Your Smile and Wallet Happy with Preventive Dentistry

DentistsCorrect at-home dental practices help ensure you maintain optimal oral health. However, there is a limit to what you can do to keep your teeth and gums healthy and problem-free. In order to minimise your risks for cavities, gum diseases, and other problems, you should invest in preventative dentistry services.

But what can this type of dentistry do to help you keep your smile and wallet happy? Here’s what.

Prompt removal of dental plaque

Preventive dental care includes regular cleanings. You should undergo this procedure, also known as prophylaxis, twice every year, to rid your teeth of any dental plaque build-up, Hermes London Dental Clinic recommends.

Plaque produces an acid that promotes the onset of dental cavities, so get your teeth thoroughly cleaned. Remember: there is a reason why dentists have special cleaning tools, and this is to ensure every inch of your mouth does not contribute to health concerns.

Screening for potential tooth decay and gum problems

Although at-home care and maintenance plays an important role in keeping your oral health at its peak, the possibility of missing hard-to-reach parts in your mouth during brushing and flossing still remains. When you fail to have your teeth and gums screened by a professional, your risks of developing cavities and gum problems increase.

As part of an effective preventive dentistry plan, your dentist will check for signs of these issues and come up with the best plan to resolve them, if any exists.

Discovering hidden problems

Merely looking at the surface of your teeth will not tell you the real state of your oral health. There are some problems that the naked eye cannot see, such as decays in between the teeth or diseases inside the gums. This is where X-rays come into play.

Experienced dentists usually recommend their patients to undergo this procedure when discomfort or pain does not have an apparent cause. The lab results will help them correctly diagnose and treat your condition.