Kinesiology Treatment: A Natural Way of Improving Health

Kinesiology Treatment in North LondonLife's hustles and bustles barely leave time to focus on the most important aspect of our lives: health. As such, health consultancy London has become an integral part of life. It not only helps us relax and reduce stress levels but also determine body imbalances through kinesiology. Kinesiology is a relatively new therapy that incorporates Chinese medicine and chiropractic muscle testing techniques to provide holistic body treatment. It focuses on the health of the body, mind and spirit based on the belief that the body always has a way of showing energy imbalances. 

Here's what to expect during a kinesiology session.

The first kinesiology session

In the first session, the kinesiology practitioner takes a brief medical history of your health and helps you define what you would like to achieve from the treatment. He will then talk you through muscle testing while demonstrating what it is and the desired effect. Note that most of the work takes place on the massage table where the kinesiologist uses muscle testing along with acupressure (no needles are used) to identify and correct energy imbalances in the body.

Treating energy imbalances

Right here in London, different practitioners in a health consultancy use different techniques but the most common involves testing one or a combination of muscles to determine where stress is located within the body. He will then use several vibrational medicine based techniques that include floral scents, holding acupoints or use of sound tools to correct the energy imbalance.

Emotional stress is the most common cause of energy imbalance in the body. As such, the kinesiologist talks to you about it so as to create awareness of how emotional stress relates to the health problem. It is because it is easier to treat and release emotional stress when brought to conscious awareness.

The end of the session

In the end, the kinesiologist in the health consultancy London will acquaint you with what has been achieved within the session and suggests the necessary lifestyle changes, specific exercises you can perform at home and supplements you should take. Note that it isn't always possible to correct your health problem in one session, thus the need to attend several kinesiology sessions to help rectify the health issue.

Kinesiology is just one part of health consultancy; there are plenty of natural ways to improve your health. You just need to identify the kind of treatment that works best for your body.