Make 2017 the Year You Regain Control of Your Mouth

Dental ImplantsIf you have ever lost a tooth, you will know how it can affect your life. If you have lost more than one, you know that the consequences become exponentially greater. You may even be one of those people for whom removable false teeth are not only uncomfortable, but also a hassle.

It’s too easy to lose or even break removable false teeth, and even if you do take great care of them, they still somehow become wobbly and loose. It’s so embarrassing when your teeth start moving around like they have a life of their own, and whistling and clicking when you are trying to talk. As if all of that wasn’t enough to live with, many people find they have to give up eating their favourite foods, such as chewy steaks and crunchy roast potatoes, and fresh, juicy apples.

However, there is a solution that can anchor artificial teeth into the mouth just as if they were natural teeth. That solution is dental implants.

If you are considering dental implants in Belfast, Adams Dental is a reputable dentist to visit for more information. But first here is some more information on how dental implants work.

Dental implants have been available for several decades. The main difference between them and removable dentures is that they replace the root of the tooth as well as the crown. Implants are inserted under local anaesthetic. The dentist drills a new tooth socket into the jawbone and then inserts the implant, which is a tiny post made out of titanium.

Titanium is the implant metal of choice because it weighs very little and also it stimulates new bone tissue growth. It then fuses with the new growth, which means the jawbone holds the implant securely in place just as it would a real tooth. This healing process needs several weeks to take place. Once it has, artificial teeth can be fitted, either as single crowns, or as bridges of a few teeth, or a whole set of teeth for upper or lower jaw. The custom-made porcelain crowns are impossible to tell apart from the surrounding real teeth and, because they are securely anchored, can be used for eating just as if they were real teeth.