Medical Assistance for Low-Income Families

Man and woman with low-income asking for medical assistanceMany low-income families in the U.S. cannot afford their high-cost medical bills. Some cut their medication short or cancel their treatment. It is the case even for people with health insurance.

That is when medication assistance programs can help. By covering these costs, they lessen the financial burden.

Because of the Affordable Healthcare Act (aka ‘Obamacare’), companies could not exclude patients who have pre-existing conditions. It made healthcare more accessible for millions of people. Others, though, still find it difficult to pay for their expenses. The unemployed, as well, do not have workplace health benefits and struggle to make ends meet.

Bankruptcy Due to Medical Bills

Seven percent of adults in the U.S. have had to file for bankruptcy due to costly medical bills. Half of this population also had to use their credit cards. Some even damaged their credit ratings. A third of people taking on credit card debts reported their insurance policies did not cover the full cost of their care.
Expensive bills can be intimidating and can make people avoid seeing doctors. Even people with disabilities who often need the most medical treatment have a hard time.

Medical Financial

Assistance is available to help cover the cost of prescription medications. Programs for low-income families lower the cost of medicine. Most programs provide medicine for people with chronic health problems. Some even supply generic drugs.
Getting help is easy. Applicants fill out forms and have their doctors sign them. They provide helpful information as well.

Medical bills are so high in America that people go bankrupt trying to pay for them. Millions already struggle with their basic needs. Financial assistance programs may be able to cover some of the charges and help lower-income families get the medicine they need.