Medishield Integrated Shield Plan and Things You Need to Know About It

MedicalWhen purchasing an insurance plan, it is important to consider its benefits carefully. The Medishield Integrated Shield Plan is one that is quite popular. People often choose this although they aren’t completely aware of the benefits. Understanding what you can avail under this plan will help you make sure you have a smooth experience should you need to go to the hospital. There are a number of different premiums as well which you should consider. Also evaluate if the long term costs are affordable for you.

If you stay in private wards and wish to choose your own doctor, a Medishield Integrated Shield Plan is great, as it gives you additional coverage to stay in class A1 or B class wards and often patients end up choosing class B2 or C wards as they are unaware of this option. With a higher coverage under the Medishield Integrated Plan, the premiums are also higher; this must be carefully considered if you are considering insurance for a long term period. Premiums increase as you get older so be sure to have a clear picture before choosing this plan.

In case you have a Medishield Integrated Shield Plan, you are also covered for pre-existing conditions if any. With Medishield Integrated Shield Plan, you can be eligible for subsidy if you meet an eligibility criterion for the Medishield Life portion of your plan, according to Be Heart Strong. Ensure you know about the coverage of your plan. Also, learn about the subsidies that exist which you may be eligible for.

Discuss these options with the experts in advance so you know exactly what premiums you have to pay for your plan and also to avail maximum benefits.