Metal, Ceramic, or Invisalign: Life with Braces

Getting braces in Invisalign Boise

Braces are the most effective method for straightening crooked or misaligned teeth. Metal braces are the most common type, consisting of metal wires and brackets that will gradually move your teeth in the right position. There are also other types of braces, which have their set of pros and cons.

Starting with Metal Braces

If you’re considering having them on, it is important to know that your mouth will start to feel a bit different. Metal braces, for the most part, seem like food magnets, so it is best to clean your teeth thoroughly. This means brushing after every meal and being more careful in removing food particles that get stuck in the brackets.

The braces also put pressure on your teeth, so it’s likely that you might feel some discomfort occasionally. This is more common after your dentist adjusts the braces. This just is temporary, as you will soon feel comfortable after a few months of living with braces on.

The Alternative to Metal Braces

If you don’t like metal brackets, you may consider ceramic braces, which are a less discreet option. These have clear brackets that can blend with the color of your teeth. One setback, however, is that they can become discolored or stained. When you choose ceramic braces, you may need to limit or avoid cola, red wine, tomato sauce, and other food choices that stain.

Invisalign is also an excellent option, as they are made of clear, plastic aligners. Invisalign providers in Boise note that they also don’t have bracket and wires, so you won’t have to worry about food particles getting stuck in your teeth. You can remove them when eating or cleaning your teeth. The only setback, of course, is that they are more expensive than metal and ceramic braces.

Braces may feel convenient, but they are worth the pain and trouble. Once they are removed, you will enjoy a new and healthier smile. Consult your orthodontist today to learn more about the right type of braces for you.