My Dentures Keep Slipping

DentureIf you have lost your natural teeth, having dentures can affect the foods you eat, the way you talk and the way you feel about your appearance, your smile and your confidence levels.

Dental implants and advances in denture technology mean that treatments involving the combinations of both dental implants and dentures can now create a beautiful and natural looking smile. The bite you will regain is equivalent to natural teeth. This will not only make you look good, but also boost your self-esteem.

Implant retained dentures are held firmly by the dental implants, so that the teeth can chew and break down food much more successfully than traditional removable dentures. Implant retained dentures held in place by dental implants also do not have a negative impact on speech, with many people actually finding having implants makes their speech clearer.

How do I look after my new teeth?

It is important that patients with dental implants visit their dentist on a regular basis so their progress can be monitored. It is always best to choose a reliable and respected dental clinic, such as Sheen Dental Implants in Richmond.

An implant dentist will give the advice you need on how to care for your implants after surgery, in a way that promotes the healing of your mouth. It is important to develop a daily oral hygiene regime to help ensure the longevity of your dental implants. Cleaning your dental implants on a daily basis using toothpaste and mouth rinses is crucial to keeping your oral health in perfect condition.

Inflammation of the gums around the implant can occur if you do not clean around your implants regularly and correctly. This could even eventually lead to degeneration of the implant. Just like natural teeth, dental implants will last as long as you can keep them in the best condition possible. A build-up of plaque around dental implants can lead to gum infections, bleeding and soreness just like it would do around natural teeth. Regular check-ups at your dentist will help you keep your new dentures in great order for many years to come.