Newbie Pointers on Storing Skiing Gear

Ski GearOnce you arrive home from your skiing trip, the dilemma of storing your winter equipment for the long months ahead greets you. Even if most skis, snowboards and skiing jackets are made to last for a decade, misuse and sloppy storage will definitely wear down and corrode the most formidable winter gear.

To ensure that you can still use them on your next vacation, here are a few pointers to consider when storing your winter gear:

Snowboards — Choose a dark, dry place for storing your skis, like near the basement furnace or a boiler room. Before doing that, clean it out thoroughly and make sure you remove every speck of holiday dirt and rust. If you can manage it, wax it as well. See to it that everything’s in order before storing by bringing it to a shop for a thorough maintenance check.

Skis — Do not keep your skis in a place where temperature and humidity tend to change drastically during the storage months. Such conditions allow rust to form at the edges. Once rust settles in, it will create minuscule grooves that are almost impossible to fix. Best that you also bring it to a ski store for a maintenance “de-rusting” rubdown, which costs an average of about $10, before storing it.

Ski Jackets — Branded jackets can be very good investments since they are quite tough and sturdy. Popular brands of ski jackets like Descente even sport wind and weatherproof features. However, these features will not do you any good if stored improperly. Wash in cold water on a gentle cycle using detergent powder, preferably sprayed with a waterproofing solution before washing. End with a warm cycle in the dryer. Then hang in your closet until needed.

Now that you have safely locked away your gear and equipment, you might want to look at online ski stores for more options. After all, a little browsing for possible purchases in the future never hurts.