Nuclear Workers Health Compensation: Eligible Groups for EEOICPA Benefits

Nuclear FacilityWorking in a nuclear facility can expose you to many dangerous elements such as radioactive materials that can cause serious health implications. As a result of this, the EEOICPA act was established to help such workers get the compensation they deserve in the case of such exposure. The act has two categories, that is, Part B and Part E. Each category has its criteria for eligibility.

According to Nuclear Care Partners, those eligible for EEOICPA claims compensation include:

Those with Radiation-induced Cancer

It is known that different types of cancer have got different causes and risk factors. For those working in nuclear facilities, however, the risk is higher for radiation-induced cancer. As a nuclear facility worker, if you have cancer-like symptoms and the medical tests prove that you have radiation-induced cancer, you are eligible to file EEOICPAclaims to get compensation for medical expenses incurred.

Those working in Facilities covered by the Department of Energy

Radiation-induced cancer for a nuclear facility worker is likely to be caused by exposure to the radioactive materials in the facility. However, before filling any eeoicpa claim forms, you need to ensure that the facility you work for is covered by the department of energy. If it is covered then, you are automatically eligible for compensation in case you develop cancer or other illness after or while working at the facility.

Survivors of Deceased Nuclear Facility Workers

If you are the next of kin or the survivor of a person who worked in a nuclear facility covered by the department of energy, you can be eligible for the eeoicpa compensation benefits. However, you must be able to prove that the deceased died of cancer or other chemical-induced illnesses he or she may have developed while or after working at the facility.

It is important to know if the facility you work in or your immediate family member works in is covered by the department of energy. If it is, then you can know how to start filling for the eeoicpa claims.