On Controlling, Preventing, and Caring for Active Phlebitis

Active PhlebitisTo put it simply, Phlebitis is the inflammation of the vein.

While the condition may differ from May Thurner syndrome, Veniti notes that treatments for these types of venous diseases mainly revolve around infection prevention and control. This means that the success of the treatment will depend on how efficient you are at keeping the damage minimal.

So, if you happen to contract Phlebitis, here’s a guide that can help you safely manage the condition to the recovery stages.

On Controlling Deterrents

What you have to focus on if you have active Phlebitis is the way how bacteria and other microorganism pass inside your body. Keep in mind that while everyone has good bacteria, harmful ones can be just as widespread. When harmful microorganisms become too much for the body to handle, it can also contribute to progressing your condition.

Modes of Infiltration

There are a couple of ways in which your Phlebitis can worsen with the growth of bad bacteria. For this reason, you have to make sure how they move. Typically, the transfer of microorganism happens via:

  • Direct contact. This means you have direct contact to the deterrent. The transfer may be in the form of bodily fluids like mucous membranes, saliva, etc.
  • Indirect contact. This means you acquire the deterrent from third party objects. It may be from the air, hospital equipment, moving microorganism, etc.

Control Measures and Prevention

If you have Phlebitis, you have to be particularly more meticulous with how you clean yourself. Consider improving the habit of:

  • Washing your hands
  • Sanitizing your skin while outside
  • Wearing gloves and sanitary gear while prepping food
  • Cleaning your workstation, home, personal spaces
  • Sterilizing contaminable utensils and equipment
  • Disposing garbage on-time

Phlebitis can worsen over time, especially in an unhealthy environment. Therefore, apart from getting all right medical attention, you must change your lifestyle as well.