Oral Health 101: Healthy Diet for Stronger and Healthier Teeth

a woman at the dentistOther than regular brushing and flossing, a healthy, balanced diet plays a big role in keeping your teeth strong and healthy. Start monitoring your food consumption to prevent cavities and other oral problems.

To shed more light on the subject, here’s a brief dental health guide from the staff of a prominent dental clinic in Townsville, Queensland.

Understanding the Importance of Calcium and Vitamin D

Your body needs enough calcium to keep your teeth and bones strong and healthy. It plays a vital role in your overall mobility by helping the blood vessels and muscles function properly. Since your body cannot produce its own calcium, the only way is to improve your diet. Start adding strong calcium sources to your meals, such as fresh milk, kale, broccoli, yoghurt, okra, almonds and other dark green vegetables.

You likewise need vitamin D for proper calcium absorption. You can obtain this from fortified soy milk, fatty fish like salmon, fluid milk, and many more. Moderate exposure to natural sunlight is also good.

Fluoride is Essential

Adequate fluoride intake is one of the best ways to fight off cavities and plaque build-ups. This is important, especially to younger children. Other than using specialised toothpaste or mouthwash, there are supplements available for both children and adults.

Reducing the Sugar Factors

Sucrose or granulated sugar is one of the main causes of tooth decay and other oral problems. You should also limit your consumption of or avoid eating starchy food, as well as drinking sodas. These can cause acid bath, which can affect tooth enamel and make the teeth more susceptible to decay. Other foods you should avoid include dried fruits and concentrated fruit juices, which are acidic and contain large amounts of sugar.

Regular Dental Visits

It is important to visit your dentist for regular check-ups and maintenance. Apart from several dental procedures, they can help improve your daily oral hygiene routine and may recommend a special dietary program to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Maintaining good oral health is all about improving your lifestyle. Always remember that prevention is still the best option.