Oral Hygiene: How Neglecting Teeth Hurts Your Entire Body

Dental TreatmentYou go to the gym every day, eat a balanced diet, do some yoga to relieve stress, and research on just about everything that can keep you healthy. Don’t neglect your teeth.

A good percentage of the American population is guilty of neglecting their teeth, thinking that brushing now and then is enough to keep their teeth healthy and strong. The truth is you need a dentist to determine what your teeth need.

Here are some of the facts you may be missing on how your teeth’s condition may lead to overall health woes:

Crooked, unevenly spaced teeth harbor bacteria

Crooked teeth, unevenly spaced teeth, crowded teeth all make it easier for bacteria to stay in your mouth, Redwood Orthodontics explains. That’s because it’s more difficult for a toothbrush to reach stuck food debris. Flossing may also be extra hard, sometimes causing gum bleeding. An orthodontist may correct this problem by using braces for straightening your teeth. Braces and the retainers that follow them correct many tooth alignment imperfections. You can even get clear braces, which are less obvious than traditional metal ones.

Overall health may be at risk when you have bad teeth

Tooth condition is often seen as a window to your overall health, as it may lead to different health problems if hygiene is not a priority. Cardiovascular disease is one of those problems. Bacteria from inflamed gums and decaying teeth may enter the bloodstream and find their way to the heart, where they may harden arteries (atherosclerosis), putting you at a higher risk of having a heart attack.

When the bacteria find their way to the brain, dementia may follow. It may also lead to Alzheimer’s disease.

Pneumonia may result from gum disease bacteria infecting your lungs. How? You breathe in the bacteria from your infected teeth and gums.

Blood sugar control is also more difficult for the body if you have periodontal disease, making your diabetes worse. Diabetes is responsible for many health risks, such as heart attack and stroke.

There are many health concerns that doctors and dentists may trace to bad oral habits. Take care of your teeth and protect your body from the health conditions that put your life at risk, all because you thought your teeth were healthy enough or you just didn’t care.