Organic Farming Has Better, Fresher, and Tastier Produce

Fruits and vegetablesOrganic farming and food production is not just a trend nor an industry. It is a way of life for both the producer and the consumer. Consumers want to eat foods that have low amounts of residues of pesticides, chemical fertilizers. Organic fruits, vegetable, and livestock are not GMO (genetically-modified organisms) and are raised in a traditional way and environment.

Buying from certified organic fruit and vegetable suppliers is one of the best solutions for consumers.

More Than Just Organic

There are rules and guidelines to follow before a food product can be called organic. For the most part, organic means it’s grown without any chemical fertilizers or pesticides and is not a GMO. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has an organic certification program where a food producer has to meet the standards in order to have the USDA organic seal.

With the seal, the food is labeled “100% Organic”, “Organic”, or “Made with Organic.” “100% Organic” means the product is made entirely using organic ingredients. “Organic” means at least 95% of the ingredients are from organic sources. “Made with Organic” means 70% of the ingredients are organic.

The USDA categories and certification may not be enough to describe the food, but it’s a start. There are only a few ways to see whether a farmer is using organic techniques and that is to visit their farm. Fortunately, most organic farmers are proud of their produce and their farms. Besides, organic producers typically sell their products within their local area.

Better, Fresher, Tastier

There are several important benefits of buying and using organic produce. The products are usually fresher than non-organic products because they didn’t travel far from the source. Being fresh, the produce is also tastier. In most instances, the products are also better in terms of nutrient, vitamins, and mineral content.

Organic foods are more than just better products. Since there is no chemical fertilizer or pesticide residue, these are also environment-friendly. The resulting products are better for both the consumer and the environment.