Parent Hacks for Vacationing With Kids

SingaporeInstead of preparing a feast for the family at home and getting quite stressed out from doing everything, why don’t you spend the holidays at a hotel? Let the staff and the city’s events take care of everything while you and your family enjoy the countdown Singapore has in store for you.

Ready for your vacation with the little ones? Here some important parenting tips when you’ve taken the kids with you on holiday:

Temporary tattoos are your best friends

Use these to keep your kids’ information on them at all times, even if they lose their bag. Safety tattoos are available so you can put in your digits and even your kids’ name and allergy. Great for parents with special children!

Have them memorise their full names, your phone numbers and room number

If your children are old enough to memorise, have them recite their full names, your digits and the room number and name of the hotel you’re staying at.

Always have food and water

The most trying part about taking kids along is when they get rowdy or start complaining. Don’t give them sweet things. Instead, give them chips, nuts or salted crackers and water to make them feel sluggish.

Consider melatonin

Ask your doctor if it would be safe to use sleeping aids, such as melatonin, for long flights or for putting hyperactive kids to sleep. While this is just an over-the-counter supplement, you should seek doctor’s advice before giving your child any drug.

With a vacation comes danger. What safety your home offers is gone and a number of things may happen. For parents who are taking their kids on holiday for the first time, things may get out of hand. Keep these tips in mind for the countdown Singapore does at the end of every year.