Pre-Surgery Preparations: Ways to Make It as Pain-free as Possible

Oral SurgeryA dentist may require a patient to undergo an oral surgery to treat a number of dental issues. Although these are usually outpatient, most procedures require general anaesthesia and a few days of care and recovery time.

Whether you are having dental prosthetics implanted or getting your wisdom teeth removed, dentists say patients need thorough preparation before the procedure to avoid any possible complication. By following a few reminders prior to your appointment, you can make your recovery as safe and fast as possible.

The dentists of Edinburgh Dental Specialists recommend the following:

Arrange for a Ride Home

Before the date of your surgery, ask someone to accompany you to and from the dental practice. That person should be willing to stay at the location of your appointment during the procedure. Depending on the type of anaesthetic your surgeon used, you may not be physically capable of driving a car after your oral surgery.

Eating and Drinking Before the Surgery

If your surgeon is using general anaesthetic or intravenous anaesthetic sedation, follow all pre-operative instructions provided. The general rule is to not eat or drink anything before your oral surgery. If your oral surgery will use local anaesthetic, have a light meal one to two hours prior to your schedule. Brush and floss your teeth before the surgery.

Prepare a Comfortable Recovery Space

After the surgery, you will need a lot of time to rest and recover. Prepare a place where you will spend most of your downtime. Make the space as comfortable as you can by stocking up on extra pillows and blankets. Prepare some books, magazines and DVDs on your bedside, so you will have entertainment as you recover.

A bit of pre-op preparation can go a long way when it comes to recovery. Consult your dentist to get more recommendations before you proceed with the treatment.