Protect Your Vision: Avoid Computer Eye Strain

Tired woman in front of computerProlonged computer use puts extra pressure on your eye muscles through close up screen viewing. This is because the human eye naturally prefers to look at the object more than six metres away. According to an article from Time Magazine, the tiny muscles inside your eyeballs can become tired from focusing on a single fixed point. They can also become fatigued, to the point that the eyes can no longer focus.

While these problems are short-lived, they can create constant discomfort. If you work on an illuminated screen most of the time, you may experience eyestrain symptoms like blurred vision and inability to focus on faraway objects temporarily. This is why it is important to safeguard your sight with these recommendations.

Keep up with Eye Exam

A comprehensive eye exam is one way to prevent or treat computer-related vision problems. During the exam, your doctor will probably ask you how often you use the computer at work and at home. Eye examination experts from Options Optometrists also note that having your eyes checked regularly will help determine if you need new or changed prescription glasses.

Use Proper Lighting

It is easy to hurt your eyes if you use too much ambient lighting. It is a good idea to eliminate exterior light sources by closing blinds, drapes or curtain. You should also reduce interior lighting or position your computer so that that the windows are to the side, not in front or behind the screen. You may also want to experiment with the degree and angle of lights.

Take Computer Break

Give your eyes a rest by taking frequent breaks. Stand up, move, stretch or just look far away every 15 minutes or so. It is also possible to reduce eye discomfort by taking additional five-minute mini-breaks throughout your shift. You can also try eye exercises to avoid fatigue.

Blink Frequently

To prevent dry eyes and keep them moist, try to blink frequently. You can also use lubricating eye drops if blinking doesn’t work that much. It is also a good idea to make sure that air vents are not blowing onto your face, as this can dry out your eyes. A humidifier can help if the room feels dry.

Don’t put too much demand on your eye muscles with prolonged computer. Try these recommendations to protect your eyesight.