Queues and Crowds: How to Avoid a Bad Ski Holiday

Ski Holiday with FamilyMagical. Breathtaking. Perfect. Until the crowds show up and your once perfectly quiet and serene red run is overrun with crowds. Much as you’d love to have the ski resort to yourself, the holidays don’t make this a probability. A huge crowd isn’t the only thing that can spoil your ski holiday.

With crowds come long queues — so long, sometimes you waste an entire day just to get on the cable car. The best ski resorts have other attractions, too. Why limit your holiday to just the slopes when you can explore other interesting features the location has to offer? Instead of ‘suffering through’ a crowded ski resort and wasting time in queues, make a plan to avoid a bad ski holiday with these ideas:

Hit the slopes at the right time.

If you’re keen on skiing during the holidays, choose a ‘white Christmas’ instead of celebrating the New Year on the slopes. Ski Line Limited explain the ski slopes on Christmas are quieter than the New Year week. The ski holiday specialists add you get more time skiing and less time queuing on your Christmas ski trip.

Book an early flight coming in and a late flight coming out.

An early flight in and a late flight out mean you get to ski when you arrive and leave. Your ski holiday package will, ideally, allow for this opportunity.

Ski when people are in the restaurants and cafés.

Skiing will make you peckish. Nosh at breakfast or pack a snack before heading to the lifts at lunchtime. People will likely head to the restaurants and cafés, leaving the red run or green run empty. Make sure you eat a proper breakfast, to traverse those difficult slopes, and bring snacks for energy. The right food will keep you skiing all day.

Choose your ideal resort.

What do you look for in a ski resort? Do you want runs that are more challenging? Do you simply want a relaxing ski weekend, with luxurious spa treatments and gourmet cuisine? Consider your preference carefully. List all the resorts you have in mind, then compare each one accordingly.

Crowds and queues do not have to spoil your pristine white slopes. Plan your ski holiday well, and you will have the opportunity to go stealth skiing.