Rajee Narinesingh: “Don’t be a Toxic Tush Victim.”

Plastic Surgery in UtahAll Rajee Narinesingh wanted was to become a woman — a beautiful one. She thought a quick fix was enough to give her what she wanted. Unfortunately, it gave her the exact opposite.

Born biologically male, Narinesingh, 47, resorted to plastic surgery to get the curves for a more feminine look. She wanted to look like Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry. But regular plastic surgeries took time and cost more, so instead of going the normal route she consulted with ‘Toxic Tush’ doctor Oneal Ron Morris.

Little did she know, she would regret her rash decision.

Fast Is Not Always Better

Plastic surgery should help patients achieve the look they want. According to Alpine Plastic Surgery, working with a professional guarantees safe treatment and good results. Narinesingh, however, disregarded the need for professional work and sought Morris, 33, instead.

Instead of using dermal fillers, the Toxic Tush doctor pumped tire sealants and concrete-like fillers in Narinesingh’s cheeks and lips. Morris also used the same mixture to improve her patient’s breasts and buttocks. As a result, Narinesingh suffered from disfigurement.

From Victim to Victorious

To remedy her facial problems, Narinesingh consulted with Dr. Terry Dubrow and Dr. Paul Nassif, both certified plastic surgeons. Now, she enjoys an improved look and freely socializes with others without any fear. She puts herself on the field and dates countless men who appreciate her appearance.

When asked about her experience working with an illegal surgeon, Narinesingh says, “My message to anyone that would consider doing what I did is don’t do it. Do not do it. You could die or you could end up like me: disfigured.”

Trust the Experts — ALWAYS

If you’re considering cosmetic work, take a leaf out of Narinesingh’s book and work only with professionals. Never underestimate the importance of a certified physician. Ending up in the hands of an inexperienced surgeon might result in regretful consequences.

Check if your doctor has a certification from the American Board of Plastic Surgery. This proves that they can provide the best care, with the lowest rates of complications.

Your face requires only the hands of an expert. Learn from Narinesingh’s experience and trust only a professional to improve your appearance.