Recognizing Binge Eating Disorder and Seeking Treatment

Binge-EatingPeople with binge eating disorder (BED) help themselves by getting various treatment options for BED and inculcating healthy habits in daily life. However, while some people openly seek recovery, the majority suffers in silence and secretly harbors the affliction. Not every person with BED is overweight, as most assume. Some have normal weight, and many do not present with any outward problems.

What are the warning signs of BED?

If you start finding wrappers and packets of food, and changes in the eating habits of your loved ones, you have to pay more attention. Compulsive eating and BED have subtle warning signs, and most of the person’s stash will be hidden from others. Bingeing is seen by society as a shameful behavior, so people with BED learn to hide their habits even from their closest family members.

Still, other signs are suggestive of an eating disorder, including rapid consumption of high volumes of food, and eating without established mealtimes. Most binge eaters say they feel less stressed when they eat; however, they never feel satisfied and they associate the behavior with feelings of embarrassment. What separates the disorder from other conditions is the lack of purging

Controlling dysfunctional eating habits

Recurrent over-indulgence in consumption of food — this is the core problem in BED. Some people decide they need help when they feel they have lost the ability to control their behavior. Others decide it’s time to stop when they become obese and start feeling medical symptoms. It’s important to get help before social withdrawal, depression, and other mental illnesses set in.

About five percent of American adults suffer from BED. Fortunately, they can find various treatment approaches, such as interpersonal psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy, to improve their way of life.

Successful therapies for binge-eating disorder depend on the identification of the psychopathology, or the foundations of the issue. You can rid yourself of this damaging and unhealthy behavior with the right kind of help.