Redefining Renovations: Smart Technology Is Changing How We Remodel Bathrooms

Bathroom interiorSmart homes are becoming the new normal. And it’s common to picture smart TVs in the living room and innovative cooking gadgets in the kitchen when considering technology in the home. The concept of the home spa is changing the way people view the bathroom, however.

As the bathroom turns into a more important place to relax and unwind, it’s now equally important to turn it into an area of calmness and convenience. With that in mind, it is no wonder more homeowners are integrating smart technology into their bathroom remodeling projects.

Below are some of the common bathroom technology trends that promise indulgence, connectivity, and even entertainment in the washroom:

Smart Toilets

Thanks to smart technology, the toilet is more than just a basic fixture in the bathroom. Smart toilets have built-in bidets, self-clean features, and safety night lights for minimal maintenance and ultimate convenience. Instead of replacing their entire toilet, consumers have the option to retrofit their existing one with seat warmers or LED lights, for instance.

Chromotherapy Showers

New shower models have made traditional aromatherapy sessions a thing of the past. Chromotherapy showers that feature highly responsive controls and LED lights allow users to modify the water pressures and temperature for a satisfying, Zen-like shower experience. These innovative showers promote wellness by engaging the senses.

Voice-Controlled Technology

Bathroom interiorVoice activation is taking bathroom tech to new heights. Voice assistants allow for a hands-free experience. Users can, for instance, adjust the lighting while putting on makeup with a simple voice command or have their favorite music play while taking a shower. With a bathroom that’s responsive to a person’s vocal commands and gestures, users can create a more personalized showering experience.

Smart bathroom technology creates a balance between aesthetics and functionality. By integrating these state-of-the-art features into their bathroom, homeowners can turn it into an oasis for personal health and well-being.