Retainers: It Keeps Your Patients’ Teeth Straight After Braces

Invisible Teeth Retainer and the Head of a ToothbrushHaving your patients wear an invisible retainer is one of the best ways to maintain their teeth after braces. However, keeping its perfect shape and form requires more than just retainers.

You have to tell them to prevent plaque from building up around the area where the braces were, and how they can keep their teeth straight after you removed their braces.

Regular dental exams and cleaning

Most dentists recommend their patients for a thorough dental cleaning and exam after they’ve taken out their braces. If you notice any signs of plaque or stains on their teeth, have them undergo a professional cleaning to eliminate them.

Regular brushing and flossing as part of the daily habit

Instruct your patients to take off the elastics and other detachable components of their orthodontics device to prepare their teeth for brushing. They should ensure they clean each tooth individually and gently apply pressure while moving the brush in a circular motion.

Tell them to always remember to floss at least once a day to remove any food debris stuck in the teeth.

Wearing the retainer as instructed

Retainers can be quite discomforting at first. But wearing one is necessary to keep your patient’s teeth straight. Tell them that their teeth will still tend to move to its original form even after wearing braces for several years. So, they should always wear them as instructed.

They should also keep it clean on a regular basis with regular toothpaste and toothbrush. Keeping a retainer case wherever they go is always handy.

It’s important to keep your patients’ mouth clean and healthy, especially after braces. Holding a regular appointment and cleaning with your patient can help ensure their teeth are at its best for years to come.