Shaking Up Your Spa: Which Tools and Equipment Should You Save or Toss?

Remember the time you first opened your spa.

Your first few clients couldn’t hide their excitement. Your walls were freshly painted and vibrant. Your equipment shined, and your furniture pieces were plush and cozy.

Now, take a look around you. The walls have started to fade, your equipment is starting to turn yellow, and your massage chairs are now showing signs of wear. You know you need to do something to spruce up your shop, but you also have qualms about spending too much on the update.

The key is in knowing which equipment to keep and which to replace.

Toss vs. Save

Massage Tables and Chairs – Massage tables, especially those that had been purchased from a trusted supplier such as Top Spa Supply, tend to last long. However, the lifespan of a massage table may also vary depending on the material and frequency of use. Leather tends to hold up longer than vinyl or any other material.

Unless there are visible cracks or major wrinkles on your furniture, there is no need to replace them. Instead, protect them with good-quality sheets and clean these regularly using warm water and mild soap. Steer clear of heavy-duty industrial cleaners that may damage the upholstery.

Electrical Equipment – You can re-use most electrical equipment such as lighting, blowers, and foot spa machines. However, if you start noticing signs of malfunction such as a funky or burning smell, or some screeching or sparking after plugging them in, toss them. Consider replacing outdated equipment with a new model or units with modern features to create a high-end spa aesthetic and atmosphere.

Towels – Once you’ve washed towels clean, they should smell like fresh detergent. If your towels have started smelling musky after washing, it’s time to toss them. It’s also time to get rid of them once they feel uncomfortable and rough on the skin.

Lotions, Oils, Crèmes, and Other Products – Most products don’t expire until after a year, but look out for a picture of a jar with a number on it. The number should indicate how long you could use the product after opening it.

Putting the excitement back in your shop doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Merely replacing outdated tools and equipment can up the look of your spa’s interior and keep the door swinging.