Signs That You Need to Start Wearing Glasses

a woman wearing glassesThe retina will not develop correctly if the images delivered to the eyes are not clear. This is why wearing glasses is important for those with vision problems, says Stoney Creek Eye Care. However, it’s difficult to determine by yourself if you need only a pair of reading glasses or if it’s time to see an eye doctor in Stoney Creek for a pair of prescription glasses.

Main types of vision

There are two main kinds of vision: farsighted and nearsighted.

Farsighted vision is when an individual may find an object clearer the farther away it is but blurry when it’s up close. On the other hand, people with nearsighted vision experience the exact opposite. They find it harder to see the object the farther away it is.

Signs and symptoms

People with vision problems will experience various symptoms. These include:

  • Blurred vision, especially at night;
  • Your eyes are taking a little longer to adjust from dark to light and vice versa;
  • A constant need to squint to see clearly;
  • Double or wavy vision;
  • Feeling pressure at the back of the eye; and
  • Seeing halos around objects.

Types of prescription glasses

Prescription glasses are not a one-size-fits-all kind of glasses. Each pair is specially created to match the eye problems of an individual. As such, there are many different kinds of prescription glasses such as single vision, bifocals, trifocals, and progressives. Each kind is created differently from the other to address specific vision problems. Your eye doctor will know best which type of lens suits your case.

An eye problem doesn’t just occur overnight. It is a type of condition that progresses over time and will only get worse without treatment. Over-the-counter reading glasses don’t always work for everyone, especially for those with astigmatism. So if you notice the start of a vision problem, you should immediately seek the expert help of an eye doctor. An eye exam is the only way to determine the real cause of your vision problem and to what extent. Proper diagnosis and treatment will help prevent your eye condition from getting worse.