Spa Businesses: With Great Customer Experience Comes Great Profit

Customer's Feet and Essential OilsCustomers are the lifeblood of every spa business. As the wellness industry booms and the market becomes saturated, however, attracting new clients is more challenging than ever. Customers now have plenty of options; they can choose you or move to another establishment.

How, then, can you make them choose your spa? The answer is simple: create a great customer experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Research has shown that investing in customer service is a wise business decision. Customers are happier to spend more money on spas that offer amazing products and services. Happy customers are also most likely to recommend a great spa to family and friends, which can mean more clients for your business.

Create a Good First Impression

First impressions matter. Do your guests feel welcome once they step in the room? Are your rooms clean and presentable? Are your massage tables comfortable enough?

These little details are enough to shape your guest’s impression. Instead of letting customers leave with an unpleasant idea of your spa, address areas for improvement now.

First, train your employees to be more welcoming. Teach them how to display a helpful attitude. Customers go to your spa for rest and relaxation; it should not be a place of fast-paced or distant service. Small gestures, such as offering a glass of water, goes a long way in creating the right atmosphere.

Second, invest in better spa equipment and other items. Improve your guest’s experience with quality portable massage tables, esthetician supplies, and facial machines. Maintain a clean office and invest in an office renovation to update your spa’s appearance.

Make the Booking Process Easier

Couple of Women Booking OnlineOnline booking plays an integral role in your customer’s experience. Without an automated appointment system, you are prone to making costly errors (e.g., double booking) and wasting your customer’s time.

So, invest in a reservation system that takes precise reservations and allows guests to book as they prefer. Software solutions allow customers to see the availability of your treatments and packages, which motivates them to mix-and-match their selections.

Reward Loyal Customers

Loyalty and rewards programs show guests that you appreciate them. Take a look at your current program and look for areas of improvement. Consider offering incentives for complimentary or follow-up treatments. Also, take note of your customers’ birthdays and celebrations so that you can properly offer treatments at the appropriate times.

Your customers are your spa’s biggest assets. Take good care of them, and they will take good care of you.