Special Rewards For The Top Performers of Your Staff

Rewards For The Top PerformersOnce you become a manager or team leader, you are expected to care for your people’s performance and functions at work. A job well done by one of your staff, even if already credited by the company, should also be given your own attention. Here are simple but affordable ways you can show them how much you appreciate their efforts.

Buy Them A Surprise Gift

It can be a cake (with your dedication on top) or a whole tub of ice cream. If they aren’t into food, get them their favourite CD. Provided you know that you aren’t buying something redundant and unappreciated, just get them a gift, and leave it on their desk with a note telling them how great a job they did. And make sure you sign. Best you ask their mates what you can give them just so you don’t make any gift-giving boo-boos.

Treat Them Out To Dinner

A simple meal can go a long way after a tiresome and hectic day. Take them out to Northgate restaurants so they aren’t so out-of-the-way come time to say goodbye. Just make sure you do ask about any prior appointments just so you don’t get an outright “I’m sorry but…” reply to your invitation.

Tickets and Gift Certificates

Get them gift certificates to a favourite store or supermarket. Buy them a ticket for a well-loved Broadway play if that is what floats their boat. You can also get a premier movie ticket of an upcoming sequel they are raving about. Or a ballgame ticket to watch their favourite sports team. As long as it’s a place or show that they want to go to, then buy them a pass for it. It would be a pleasure to watch their reaction upon receiving it.

These are simple enough means of improving the morale of your people, and not too expensive either. If you are in doubt of what to do to encourage them, simply ask yourself what you want others to give you if you were in their shoes. If they truly deserve it, then give enough effort to let them know.