Straight Teeth the Ticket to a Better Life

Dental Care in OhioCosmetic dentistry is getting huge traffic in the U.S., next to the makeup and nonsurgical beauty business. It appears that Americans prefer nice smiles than clearer skin, and are more willing to get treatment for that.

Dental hygiene is obviously important to them, but not because they want to have healthy teeth per se. With movie stars flaunting their spotless sets of enamel on-screen every day, everyone has become obsessed with having ultra white teeth. It’s not hard to think why teeth whitening alone is a multibillion dollar industry.

Where does America’s obsession with straight and white teeth come from? There are three main reasons.

Achieve Dental and Overall Health

Orthodontists remind patients that not treating their teeth problems could lead to serious problems beyond mere ugly smiles. Poor bites may cause teeth crowding or filing down of teeth. Tooth decay may also lead to or indicate the development of diabetes. New research suggests that the health of the mouth mirrors the condition of the body. Poor oral health can lead to gum issues or other health problems, and more people are becoming conscious of this.

Increase Employment Opportunity

In America, bad teeth translate to poor employment prospects. Many people, including employers, are affected by their first impression of a person, and this covers the smile and teeth as well. How one maintains (or ignores) proper oral health habits has a huge influence on image building.

A study shows that a good smile and beautiful teeth increase the chances of one to land a job.  Thirty-eight percent of respondents perceive people with straight teeth as smart, and 42% find people with healthy-looking teeth authoritative and a good candidate as an employee. Moundbuilders General Dentistry says that strong and stable teeth build self-confidence.

Improve Social Life

Attractive teeth, as part of an attractive smile, give a lasting first impression. According to a study by marketing research consultant Kelton, 29% of Americans say the first aspect they notice in someone’s face are the teeth, and 24% say teeth are the facial aspect they remember when meeting someone.

Nearly two out of five Americans do not want to go on a second date with someone who has misaligned teeth, but connects good personality and success with straight teeth.

With these findings, it’s appropriate to invest in proper care and preventative treatment that only cosmetic dentists and orthodontists can deliver. As the smile is a standout feature in a person, it’s an important factor for success.