Student Manners 101: Observing Important House Rules in Dorms

DormitoryStudents living independently are expected to look after themselves. Parents will no longer be there to remind them to do their chores. Instead, they will need to do everything by themselves.

Students entering top universities in London typically look for long-term and affordable student accommodation in Central London such as dorms. Once these students have signed the contract with the property owner, students (especially freshmen) need to settle in and observe these commonly established house rules.

Practise Good Personal Hygiene

A good first impression starts with a clean body. Students should take a shower, brush their teeth, apply deodorant and put on clean clothes every day. They should come out of the dorms fresh so that they look and smell great when they enter the campus.

Reduce Noise Level

Noise is a common issue in dorms and it can be upsetting to wake up from a loud noise in the wee hours of the morning. Students should refrain from playing loud music when everyone else is sleeping.

Another type of noise to avoid is loud chatter. Students who wish to speak with their friends over the phone in the middle of the night have the option to minimise their voice, continue the conversation online via chat, or continue the conversation in the morning.

Draw Up a Rota

Instead of pointing fingers, students can create a rota so that everyone does their fair share of cleaning. Students should strictly adhere to the cleaning schedule and agree on doing the chosen cleaning duties.

Sometimes, the rota is not followed due to busy schedules and hectic final exams. A way to resolve this is to revise the rota and come up with a more realistic plan.

Students can set a good example to everyone living in dorms by simply observing the common house rules. Many would prefer to live with people who are dependable and responsible enough to take care of themselves.