Study: Dental Consultation May be Helpful for Cancer Surgery Patients

Dentist checking a patient's teethDental consultation may no longer be just for the sake of having good oral health, as it could also reduce certain complications for cancer surgery patients.

A University of Tokyo study claimed that a dental visit may lower the chances of having post-surgery pneumonia or die within a month of cancer surgery. A dentist may screen a patient’s vulnerability to fatal conditions, which are caused “by aspiration of oral and pharyngeal secretions,” according to the study’s lead author Miho Ishimaru.

Modern Dentistry

Dental practice in the U.S. has become more modernized, and that’s all thanks to the launch of different innovations, such as 3D printing orthodontics and digital dentistry. The study’s findings prove that the importance of oral care influences a person’s overall health. It could also serve as a guide for surgeons who may refer patients to the right dentist prior to a major operation.

The researchers based their findings on 1,600 hospitals where several patients had surgery between 2012 and 2015 for different cancers. While preoperative oral care only showed a slight reduction in developing postoperative pneumonia, it still indicated a solution for preventing post-surgical complications.

Cancer Prevention

Even if prior oral care dramatically improves the chances of avoiding postoperative pneumonia, people should know that dental care serves as a link to certain illnesses. For instance, gum disease could indicate a problem with your heart.

Good oral hygiene starts with regular visits to the dentist for teeth cleaning, which costs an average of $127 for routine sessions. If you have insurance, it usually covers the entire cost for one or two sessions each year.

Dentists should modernize their services and equipment if they want to take in patients who are scheduled for a cancer surgery. Most patients are likely to trust your services when they see that your practice keeps up with the latest trends in dentistry.