Superfood Assemble: Creating a Nutritious Plate

Assorted vegetables and fruitsYou are what you eat. Does it mean that eating ‘superfood’ will turn us into super-powered humans? Sadly, no. These foods don’t enable the eater to fight off more than pesky germs. It’s necessary, true, but not as flashy as what the term might entail.

Superfood is a catchy label for food with high levels of antioxidants, fibre, essential fats or other nutrients. It is more widely used as a promotional tool to market the latest health fad. While research confirms the benefits of eating superfood, scientists avoid using the term because it’s misleading.

So, how can you put together a plate of nutritious food?

Assembling a Meal Full of Superfood

Some food items that don’t get to superfood status and hype level can have nutritional content and benefits comparable to superfood. The expert chefs and dieticians of Lifestyle Chef advise planning your meals according to your health goals, instead.

Furthermore, fruits, grains and nuts are some of the popular superfoods now, but they shouldn’t be the only food you eat. It is important to also have leafy vegetables, lean protein and red meat in your meals.

The Popular and the Common Superfood

Blueberries might be the most popular superfood around. It gained recognition for its high levels of flavonoids, which helps lower heart disease risk in young women. Kale, wild salmon and quinoa are other favourite superfood items. Kale is rich in vitamin C, lutein and fibre while wild salmon and quinoa are known superfood sources of protein.

Garlic and onion are common residents of your kitchen but considered superfood for being rich in antioxidants and for lowering high blood pressure.

Preparation and Portioning

A healthy meal doesn’t mean adding nuts to an oily stir-fry or drinking a green smoothie with a large burger. The high nutritional value of superfood does not cancel out the other parts of your meal that’s junk. Watch not only what you eat but how you eat it — all the superfood in the world won’t do any good if prepared unhealthily.

If you want to start eating better, adding items from the superfood roster is a good way to transition slowly. Moreover, don’t just focus on the superfood: try other food items to add a variety of nutrients and flavour to your meals.