Surefire Proposal: A Yes is in the Cards

Surefire ProposalProposals take a lot of courage to pull off. You are not just asking the person you love to marry you and be their partner for life. You also may not know if they would say yes. It is a big gamble in your relationship so you have to be sure of your timing. Rejected proposals are not only embarrassing. It can also be expensive depending on your preparations.

Due to the extreme preparations that go through proposals, you have to make sure you will get the right answer by the end of it. Here are some things you can do to secure an approval.

The Winning Presentation

It is not called a proposal for nothing. The goal is to claim an approval by a wonderfully delivered presentation. You might want to go the simple and traditional route of going down on your knees. While this is romantic, agrees, there are other ways to present a forever brilliant moissanite ring. It is all about planning how it will end up in front of her while you pop the question. Whether you plan on writing on the sky or ask her through a treasure hunt, the effort you give in planning may help put your proposal on a positive end.


You may have a grand plan waiting but with bad execution, things can easily turn into a disaster. You do not want to ruin a perfect moment by some malfunction you cannot control. While they will make for memorable moments, it might sway their decision. When you are recording your proposal for future purposes, bad execution may not be a good look. Take lots of time to practice before your most important day.

Most of all, propose when you know for yourself that the answer will be yes. This means no proposals for people you have only been with for weeks.