The Common Dog Health Problems You Should Be Wary About

Pet Health ProblemsIt’s quite common for dogs to have allergies that make them lick their feet or cause chronic ear inflammation. And as a dog owner, you understand how it feels when you catch your toy dog with a chicken bone stuck in their mouth or when the bigger one eats that unsuspecting sock.

But while such circumstances are familiar, you still need to be wary of them and other common health problems that your dog might face. 


Cancer, a painful and costly experience, is as common among dogs as it is among humans. Labrador Retrievers, Great Danes, and German Shepherds are more prone to this illness.

In addition to treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, cancer might require hospice care, which Atlanta Pet Hospice says offers suggestions and enhancements to promote a better and longer quality of life for your dog.

Ear Infections

On a lighter but still significant note, your dog is vulnerable to ear infections—especially if they have allergies, non-erect ears or excessive hair growth in the ear canal.

Watch out for symptoms such as hearing loss, hair loss around the ear, loss of balance, unusual eye movements, and head shaking. Also, look out for brown, yellow or bloody discharge too. When you suspect an ear infection, take your dog to the veterinarian for treatment.

Periodontal Disease

On the side of oral health, dogs are no stranger to periodontal disease. In fact, it happens five times more in dogs than in humans. According to the American Veterinary Dental College, the ailment, which causes chronic pain is preventable yet undertreated.

Because it only has a few symptoms (e.g. bad breath), it’s easy to brush the ailment aside. It also means that treatment may be too late and you might not be able to save your dog’s teeth, so be vigilant about your dog’s oral hygiene and regularly take them in for oral examination and cleaning.

What other health problems do you think are common among dogs?