The Hidden Benefits of Smiling

Benefits of SmilingHave you ever heard the expression, “Smile, and the world smiles with you”? Technically, research shows that only half of the people you smile at will smile back at you. That is still a big deal. However, it can be hard to summon up a smile when you feel self-conscious about your not-so-pearly whites.  

Cosmetic dentistry in NW3 can help you with that. It may require a bit of investment, but when you consider the hidden benefits of smiling, you might decide it is worth it.

Inspire trust

It is hard to get people to give you their trust. It is not surprising, considering how so many people take advantage of other people given half a chance. A genuine smile can break down many barriers to trust. One study shows that people perceive a person who smiles as someone who wants to share and cooperate. As a result, they are more willing to reciprocate and are more likely to trust.

Manage distress

When you feel sad or upset, a smile can make you feel better.  Even if you do not feel like it, forcing a smile can lift your mood. You will not be jumping for joy, but it does make whatever is make you feel a little less sad or upset. Psychologists call this facial feedback hypothesis. The next time you feel upset about what someone said to you, smile. You will soon feel a lot better.

Get away with something

Have you ever noticed that when someone catches you with your hand in the cookie jar, and you smile sheepishly, you are more likely to get away with it? A study shows that smiling can lead to leniency. The same thing applies to when you do something embarrassing. There are limits to what you can get away with, of course, but in many cases, your smile can save your hide.  The next time someone catches you doing something bad, smile.

Smiling comes easily to most people, and the benefits are many. However, it is easier to smile when you have great teeth. It also looks more attractive, another benefit most people know without the benefit of research. Cosmetic dentistry is a way you can reap those benefits to the full.