The Insane Realities of Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear Power PlantNuclear power plants rarely show up in daily conversations that most people are unaware of the realities behind it. The only vivid picture you probably have of a nuclear power plant is when you see Homer Simpson going to work and handling dangerous substances.

Homer might not make it look hazardous, but those slimes you see on the television resemble real-life hazards. Those hazards are so dangerous that each nuclear worker has their own benefits in case something happens to them, says Now, this is just one reality surrounding the nuclear power plants and their workers, read on below for more outstanding realities.

Nuclear Plants Can Resist Colossal Damage

Did you know that a nuclear plant can withstand anything, even a plane crash? This particular situation will only result in a massive heap of airplane parts around the lawn and a spectacular fire that wouldn’t really impact the plant. The reason behind this is because builders in the 1960s made sure that nothing happens to it.

They housed spent fuel storage areas, all safety systems, emergency backup generators and steam generating systems in one of the most durable structures man has ever created. Back then, they already built four-feet-thick, heavily reinforced concrete with a quarter-inch thick steel liner just to serve the “lasting” purpose. They created it to survive fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes – even the apocalypse.

…Yet, They Are Also Vulnerable

If there’s one thing nuclear power plants can’t withstand, it is foreign materials. For instance, accidentally dropping a roll of paper towels in a turbine leads to a catastrophe on the machine. If any of the workers think that an object fell into any of their machines, they need to take it all apart and find it before it breaks anything.

Working in a nuclear power plant can actually save the workers when it comes to environmental emergencies, but it can also sacrifice their health at the same time. The Simpsons might draw an interesting concept towards nuclear plants, but the depiction in the wacky cartoon is far from the truth.