The Latest Beauty Techniques They’d Teach You in Beauty School Will Surprise You

Beauty Technique in MidvaleGetting into the best beauty school doesn’t only mean you will learn the basics of hair and beauty — you will also learn about the latest beauty techniques, too. These include…

Different Ways of Filling in the Brows

Once you enroll in a beauty school in Utah such as the Collective Academy, one of the things you will be taught is how to fill in the brows in different ways. A lot of people these days value beauty based on one’s eyebrows — when one has great eyebrows, everything else becomes secondary, so you’ll definitely be glad to know that these are some of the things you will learn.


Often called the “new contouring”, strobing is a means of putting on the right highlights to give definition to the cheeks, nose, and forehead, giving the face a lit-up, really eye-catching appearance. Basically, you’ll learn how to make someone’s face glow — and who knows? You can do it on your own face, too.


Meanwhile, this one is about putting a different kind of highlight on the hair, which is mostly based on a toddler’s many-hued hair tone, thus, babylights. Unlike other highlights that are done on large chunks of hair, this one is done only on tiny sections of hair, which is based on the efforts of Jen Atkins — the Kardashians’ hairstylist — so you definitely have something great to learn here.

Eye Contouring

And, you’ll also learn about how to contour the eyes, which basically gives it that smoky, intense look — so even if a client has small eyes, you can work on it to make it look so much better, and learning how to do this will surely bring you more clients — and profit — in the future.

Only the Best in Beauty

By going to the best beauty school, you can be sure that you’ll learn not only about the things that most people know, but also about the latest beauty techniques that’ll surely help you get a great reputation in business — and even beyond.