The Macabre Mystery of Cremating the Wrong Woman

Funeral Home in The BronxA funeral home in the Bronx made a grave mistake: they cremated the wrong woman.

The McCall’s Bronxwood Funeral Home also wants Donald Little’s signature to indicate that his mother, Annie Little, was cremated. But David refused to sign-off on their mix up and called his lawyer to file a lawsuit. According to his attorney, the funeral home breached the client’s right to choose between cremation and burial.

All About the Mix Up

The New York Times explained that the funeral home had Ms. Little’s body in an open-casket church funeral service for 81-year old Val-Jean McDonald. McCall’s said the mix-up was caused by the fact that Ms. McDonald supposedly had a close resemblance with Little's mother.

The funeral home also dressed Ms. Little in the Ms. McDonald's clothes and jewelry for the service. 200 of Ms. McDonald’s family and friends attended the service. A day after the service, the McDonald family attended a cremation service for Val-Jean — but they cremated Annie instead.

Little is upset about not having the chance to bid his mother goodbye and warns others to choose the right service and learn from this ordeal’s lessons.

Cremating: The Nitty Gritty Process

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Donald took a long look at the photos the McDonald family sent him. As he stared at the woman in the coffin with the wrong name, he said, “That’s my mother,” over and over again.

By double checking all the details with your cremation provider, you need not go through the same ordeal.