Three Effective Hospital Strategies to Help Cope with Nursing Shortages

A Nurse with a Patient in the BackgroundAmerica is facing a nursing shortage. As more and more baby boomers and elderly citizens become dependent on the healthcare reform, experts predict the need for about 1.1 million more nurses by 2022 to keep up with patient demand.

While it is indeed a struggle to find the best nurses, especially with the ongoing nursing shortage, companies like Emergency Staffing Solutions, a provider of emergency staffing and hospital needs, believes that there are ways to retain the current number of nursing staff while continuing to maximize profits.

Provide Schedule Flexibility

Offering nurses a flexible schedule makes it easier for them to balance their work schedule with responsibilities at home and their educational opportunities. Giving nurses a measure of flexibility of time over their schedules creates a healthier work environment as overworked nurses provide poorer patient care and services. With the ability to set their own time, nurses have one less thing to worry about at work.

Assist Nurses in Gaining Higher Education

The National Academy of Medicine has recommended that up to 80% of the nursing workforce should improve their educational background and obtain a bachelor’s degree by 2020. Additionally, nurses who pursue further education are likely to develop the necessary skills to perform their job effectively and are, in turn, more likely to improve retention, stay in an organization for a longer period, and achieve their career goals. As such, hospitals should help nurses obtain the highest education possible.

Encourage Nurse-Manager Interactions

Creating a better working environment is easier in a place where employees can voice their concerns. Improving hospital efficiency depends on nurses and staff having ample time to discuss issues with supervisors. Encouraging nurse-manager interactions can help hospitals identify potentially weak areas and improve workflow.

While there may be an issue concerning the understaffing of nurses, retaining high-performing nurses can help turn things around and ensure constant productivity in the workplace. The trick lies in creating an environment where nurses can achieve career growth and have a stronger voice in the system.