Three Main Activities to Help Increase Your Child’s Right-Brain Development

Child’s Development in SingaporeChildhood activities can greatly influence the brain development. Your child is surrounded with things that develop his brain. After all, his environment plays a big part in his life as he grows, and throughout his lifetime.

Kids’ brains need to be wired and to connect in order to form a track, which will control many functions in the brain such as talking, hearing, vision and other complex functions. Below are three main children enrichment exercises that will help boost right-brain development:

Spell It Out

Spelling can help your child with visualisation and remembering arrangement of letters. It also allows them to take a photographic look at the letters and imagine whether the word looks right. Take time to practice using an index card, have him focus and encourage him to visualise as he remembers each letter. In time, he will develop better visualisation and memory.

Reading a Lot Helps

Reading allows your child to develop the imaginative side of the brain. When a child remembers the images, they recall the information. Encourage your child to read and help him picture what he is reading. With that, he will recall the whole information of the story through visual memories.

Addition and Subtraction (and Other Maths)

Teach your child a simple add and subtract game. This activity can quickly develop your child’s right-brain. Use a deck of index cards and write a simple additive equation. Assist him in visually adding the numbers shown on the cards and encourage him to analyse the answer.

Every child is unique. Some children are more left-brain than right-brain dominant. Do not force your child to do these exercises because stress can hinder brain improvement. Instead look for other activities that can balance out the left and right brain. A better balanced brain can help boost your child’s mental and physical health.