Three Splendid Family Reunion Themes (That You Can Do All at the Same Time)

Indian Restaurant in LondonAre you at a loss at what to do for your next family reunion? Well, you are in luck because here are just a few ideas that you can use just for that. Feel free to mix and match them too.

Countryside Road Trip

This can sound a bit too adventurous and can verge on the chaotic, but all it needs are families willing to drive through the countryside, watch the beautiful sights and views of the rural areas outside London, have a picnic somewhere off the road and then end the day with an overnight stay at a large inn or even at several roadside motels then dinner at a country restaurant. Make sure to plan your itinerary and charge up your video and digital cams before heading out.

Indian Food Trip

This is the ultimate adventure for those whose palates are limited to the typical fish and chips diet. Despite the British predilection for curry and other elements of the Indian cuisine, it would still be a refreshing change to try a purely Indian menu from start to finish. There are quite a number of Indian Restaurants in London, but do choose those that offer authentic and classic Indian delicacies. According to, sample Indian food in London from a stylish restaurant which provides a comfortable ambiance for a memorable dining experience.

Family Scholarship Fund

Have all participants bring a historical family heirloom, a personal item or artwork and any other doo-dads and knickknacks that have a family story tied to it. Have an auction after the family dinner for these items and pool all the earnings into a scholarship fund, which can be used by any of the children in the family line. You can even create a scholarship fund walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon for your next family reunion.

Whatever choices, or combination of options you have finally selected, remember that you should all connect and enjoy each other’s company. Ask for help from participants if necessary, just so you can also enjoy yourself. After all, a family always works together.