Tired Of Loose Dentures? Time for Denture Stabilisation

a dental clinicDenture stabilisation allows people to forget about loose or ill-fitting dentures. Those who have had loose dentures will know how frustrating and embarrassing they can be. They can fall out at any moment, and it can be risky to eat in public or even to laugh. Stabilising someone’s dentures significantly improves their quality of life. Secure dentures allow people to enjoy their favourite foods again. Yes, things like steak, toffee, and crunchy apples can be enjoyed once more with dental implants in Birmingham.

Dental Implants in Birmingham Keep Dentures Securely In Place

Luckily, thanks to dental implants in Birmingham, there is now a cost-effective way to stabilise dentures. Implants are fitted into the gums, and dentures are fitted with special attachments. These implants and attachments mean dentures can be clicked in and out of the mouth for easy cleaning. Sutton Implant Clinic is one practice offering a great dental implant service. Not only do they offer denture stabilisation, they also offer a wide range of other dental implant options for patients in Birmingham. Dental implants can stabilise upper or lower dentures with as few as two dental implants to provide a life-changing transformation. The procedure to fit dental implants typically takes around 90 minutes. Getting dental implants is not as painful as it sounds. There are fewer nerves in the jawbone so the feeling is similar to getting a filling.

Protecting Jawbones With Dental Implants in Birmingham

One of the great benefits of dental implants is protecting the jawbone from resorption. The roots of teeth deliver vibrational signals to the jawbone. These vibrations from chewing tell the brain the jawbone is in use and needs to be kept strong. Without these vibrations, the jawbone begins to weaken and resorb. This leads to jawbone shrinkage and ageing of the face. Dental implants send the vital vibrational signals the jawbone needs to be strong and healthy. Getting dentures stabilised with dental implants can protect the health of the jawbone.

Life Benefits of Denture Stabilisation

  • No denture adhesives
  • Improved facial structure
  • Minimised wrinkles around the mouth
  • Jawbone protection
  • Improved chewing
  • No food restrictions
  • Denture security
  • No slipping
  • More comfort