To be Cancer Free, Be Antioxidant Friendly

Get Antioxidant ProtectionIn health, there’s a magic word that has been floating around for some time that has every health buff up on their feet. What’s surprising is its promise seem to make the fight against the much-dreaded cancer more viable.  Yes, without antioxidants we may be left unprotected from the destructive prowess of toxic free radicals.

Luckily, fruits and vegetables are the best source of these powerful antioxidants.

Your Best Fighting Chance

You may be smarting about it but there’s a great chance you will have to face cancer in a fight for your life.

Current Australian government stats show, there will be 130,470 new cancer cases that will be diagnosed by the end of the year. Though that may not ruffle your feathers know that over 43,000 people died of cancer in 2012 – about 3 in 10 deaths.

What’s most surprising, however, is current government projections conclude one of two Australian men and one of three Australian women will get cancer by the time they’re 85 years old.

Looking at these stats should tell any healthy Aussie today, getting ample protection is key.

This is where antioxidants are most beneficial. With them on your side, you help minimise your risks from cancer-causing free radicals found everywhere – in the environment and even in your daily intake of food and water.

A Treasure Find

Fortunately, to get your ample supply of antioxidant protection you need not look far as these are found in hundreds of fruits and vegetables all around the planet. Fact is every enterprise (e.g., grocery, restaurants) who makes sure fresh produce is available for consumption is doing a lot of people a big favour.

In this sense, says having access to wholesale suppliers of fruits and vegetables is truly god-send. This means you have the golden opportunity of providing yourself and an army more of consumers access to cancer-fighting antioxidants.

To really boost your fight against cancer, aiming for five to nine servings daily of various fruits and vegetables is best – bananas and broccoli including.

It may sound extreme but in the fight against cancer it’s one habit worth keeping.