Toothache Relief: 3 Home Remedies That Can Instantly Ease Your Pain

Toothache in OtumoetaiSuffering from a nasty toothache feels like the end of the world. Whether it signals tooth decay, gum infection, damaged filling or fracture, it doesn’t change the fact it can’t wait until the next morning. The pain is so unbearable having immediate relief is no longer a question.

Other than calling your emergency dentist in Tauranga or Auckland, your house is actually home to a pocketful of natural remedies to temporarily postpone your agony and get a respite from discomfort. lists three of the most popular band-aid solutions for toothaches amongst Kiwis:

Salt Water

A simple mixture of salt and water could do great wonders. Salt has fantastic anti-bacterial properties that could ease the throbbing sensation your toothache is causing.

Just put two to three tablespoons of salt to a glass of warm water. Swish and gargle it for about 30 seconds twice or thrice to let the solution do its trick. These rinses create a cleansing effect kill bacteria and help discourage pus formation.


Generations after generations have tried, tested and proven the effectiveness of whiskey to numb excruciating pain. Having a little of this strong liquor helps dull your senses and soothe your mind, which is probably all you need to stay calm during dental distress. While it certainly doesn’t exactly clear up the infection in your mouth, a glass of whiskey is handy to forget about the torture of toothache.

Garlic and Onion

The therapeutic benefits of these spices are unquestionable. They act as anti-inflammatory to alleviate your dental woes effectively. Putting a slice of onion or a clove of smashed garlic on the infected area can provide comfort and give you a break from toothache.

These are all outstanding toothache quick remedies, but not long-term treatments. Only your dentist can ultimately put a period to your suffering and treat you safely.