Twists that You Can Add to Your Dinner Date

Dinner DateIf you have gone on dinner dates with your special someone so many times it has become the norm, why not add a few spicy elements to your night? Believe it or not, there are many other activities you can do alongside that dinner date that will make the evening extra special. Here are just three suggestions.

Go Boating

Romance, boats and water have been proven effective by Venice’s canals and even the beaches of Haiti. Don’t just look for a boating or yachting company but try searching for hotels or resorts in Brisbane that offer these services so you can have that dinner date once the ride is done. Also, hire a boatman if you feel you can’t handle rowing when you’re with your date. Admittedly though, rowing is the perfect chance to show off those muscles.

Karaoke Nights

For those that want to show off their talents more than their physique, try renting a private dining room in Brisbane, have the prerequisite romantic dinner and then arrange it with the hotel to bring in a karaoke machine. You can serenade your date and you can encourage that special someone to serenade you back. This is a more classy and romantic version of a karaoke bar date.

Gaming Nights

Then inner geek in you would love this idea, especially if your date is also a geek. Rent a gaming room where you can first have dinner then settle down to any kind of games you would like: cards, video and Internet games, etc. If you feel this date will need extra company, then by all means, ask your friends to join you but make sure they arrive much, much later after you’re done with dinner.

Having dinner is still a good dating option since you can talk, drink, eat and relax while with the one you love. However, having a little unique addition before or after the meal will make the date extra special and memorable. Expect to have many more repeat meetings with your date so do look up other activities that can spice up your romantic meals together.