Understanding Alcoholism: Signs, Symptoms, Treatment

Alcohol AbuseIt is not a good sight when your drinking goes over the line between social drinking and alcohol abuse. Alcoholism is a growing predicament in nations and ways to prevent or treat it are available to those who are willing to change for better health and outlook in life.

Many cultures are known to love their drink especially during cultural events and special occasions. Families are open to drinking alcohol over the weekend and this practice has been passed down to generations. The problem starts when some celebrations lead to alcoholism or alcohol abuse.

What is Alcoholism?

Alcoholism is the abuse of alcohol consumption way over the recommended daily intake. Experts say that it is sometimes hard to determine if a person is abusing alcohol, mainly because most of them hide their drinking habits. They either feel guilty or they do not want others to intervene with their drinking.

A drinking problem can easily be recognized if you feel guilty about your drinking, you lie to others about drinking, your family and friends are worried, you always need to drink to relax, you often experience ‘black outs’, and the drinking sprees are more frequent than you thought.

What are the signs and symptoms of alcoholism?

You neglect your responsibilities because you’re always drunk, says Renaissanceoutpatient.com. You don’t spend quality time with your family anymore, you don’t finish deadlines at work or school, and you can’t cope with daily activities.

You already neglect safe drinking and combine other potentially-dangerous activities with alcohol. For example, you drink and drive.

You experience legal problems. This includes fighting and behaving in a way that puts you in jail. Lastly, you still drink even if your relationships with your spouse, family, friends or boss are spiraling out of control.

What can be done?

Taking the first step towards recovery is very hard. But if you are with your family and friends, every step will be easier. There are many support groups and companies offering their services to help in your journey towards recovery. For example, there are intensive outpatient treatments in Salt Lake City where you can enroll. There are many treatment options you could choose from inpatient or outpatient.

Outpatient programs are best suited for those who have not yet developed a full-blown alcohol disorder. Inpatient programs are typically for those who are violent when drunk.