Understanding Sex Addiction and the Treatment Available

Sexual Addiction in UtahSexual addiction, according to the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, affects nearly 12 million adults in the United States. This number continues to increase, mainly because of the immediate accessibility to sexual materials available on videos, cable television, and the Internet.

Contrary to popular belief, sexual addiction is not mostly about having too much sex. Health experts note that people who have this problem may feel an obsessive need to view pornography, have multiple partners, or be involved in sexually stimulating activities. Despite severe negative consequences, people with this problem cannot control their habit.

Healthy vs. Non-Healthy Behavior

Treatment for this type of addition does not require someone to give up sex completely. Sex is a normal human function. A person with this problem, however, needs to know the difference between healthy and non-healthy sexual behavior. An article from WebMD notes that support groups and one-on-one counseling can help.

Treatment Programs

There are many centers in the country that offer sex addiction treatment. In most cases, people may have to abstain from sex for up to a year to help them identify the causes of their urges. This can also help them explore other emotional issues that contribute to the manifestation of their sexual habits and behavior.

Support System and Medication

There are also centers that offer a good support system to those who are battling sexual addiction. Members of the program are not forced to give up the activity completely but are encouraged to avoid the destructive sexual behavior. Some may also benefit from medication, especially for those with mental health issues like depression.

Importance of Treatment

It is important for this type of addiction to be treated to help affected people avoid engaging in risky behaviors. If left untreated, people may put their health and the health of their partners at risk. It can also cause the destruction of relationships and marriage, as well imprisonment for illegal sexual acts like molestation or rape.

For those who suffer from sexual addiction, there is no instant cure, but there are ways to manage the condition. Long-term treatment solutions are beneficial in recovery, which can also help sufferers live a normal life.