Unique Flower Ideas for Your Country Wedding

Unique Flower IdeasA country wedding is never complete without the flowers. Even if you do not want to use flowers for decorating, you must at the very least have a bridal bouquet. Though you can always choose a traditional arrangement with roses and baby’s breath, you want your bouquet to be unique and emulate the beauty of the English countryside. Here are some ideas for you to get started:

Wild Flowers

Kent is home to a multitude of wild flowers. Fill your wedding venue with gorgeous blooms taken straight out of the English countryside.

Wild flowers are seasonal and are highly dependent on the seasons. Many blooms have short stems and grow in fields, but there are some that lend themselves well to quirky little wedding bouquet. For example, field scabious and blueweed are truly impressive specimens with their striking purple and blue blooms.


Hops are traditionally cultivated for beer production, but have recently gained popularity as a component for bridal bouquets. Hop flowers resemble delicate green seed cones and beautifully complement more colourful blooms.


Brides who truly want to emulate the beauty of the countryside can add wheat to their bouquets. The golden, tufted heads of wheat look wonderful as a complement to your main blooms. They evoke images of a peaceful autumn day with the sun casting its rays upon the day’s bountiful harvest.


Sunflowers are an uncommon flower choice for bouquets as they have very large, heavy blooms. But do not let this deter you – it is a truly unique flower that serves as the centrepiece of your bouquet. A good florist can create an impressive arrangement for you that will match the rustic aesthetics of a country wedding.

Dried Flowers

For a truly whimsical bouquet, try using dried flowers instead of fresh ones. The colours of the flowers may have dulled, but the paleness only adds to their modest charm. The advantage of dried flowers is that you do not have to worry about them wilting or drooping during your wedding day. Indeed, you can have them delivered days before and will not affect their beauty in the slightest.

A unique flower arrangement truly does wonders for your country wedding. What better way to celebrate than with blooms taken directly from the English countryside?