Wax On, Wax Off: Why You Should Definitely Wax

Leg WaxWaxing to remove unwanted body and facial hair has plenty of advantages over other temporary hair removal techniques such as shaving or using depilatories. So even if you’re brain is going on overdrive just thinking how much it will hurt—believe us, it’s not as terribly painful as you’re thinking! You should at least try it at one point in your life so you can personally experience its benefits.

Effortless Exfoliation

Once the wax adheres to your skin, it will immediately dry up, and with it your stubborn dead skin cells. Once the wax is removed, voila—instant and easy exfoliation.

See You MUCH Later Hair!

When you wax, hair will definitely grow back much later than when you shave. According to an expert waxing technician in Brisbane, this is due to the fact that hair won’t be merely cut off, like when you shave, but rather pulled from their roots. Your hair follicles will then have to regenerate and only then can they produce new hair.

Hello Thinner Hair!

Yes, your hair will grow back noticeably thinner since your hair follicles kind of ‘gives up’ in some manner and won’t reproduce hair as efficiently as before. So when the time comes for your hair to grow again, it will be lighter and thinner so you’ll be able to go longer between waxing sessions.

Up Your Eyebrow Game

Eyebrows are crucial for framing your face shape. Although plucking has been the go-to method for removing excess eyebrow hair, waxing is more precise and will define your eyebrows better.

Say Goodbye to Skin Irritation

When you shave, your skin will become itchy, sore, and red—add to that the occasional cuts and the threat of ingrown hair. Waxing if performed correctly will only sting for a couple of minutes and while you may have slightly reddish skin, will subside within the day.

Some Precautions

Don’t expose your skin to the sun before your waxing session and for two days following the session. Likewise, don’t wear tight clothes, exfoliate, take hot baths, and apply fragrant lotions or creams, unless it’s a soothing cream made especially for post-wax care.