Ways to Live a Stress-Free Life with Adult Scoliosis

Man Suffering From ScoliosisScoliosis is a condition wherein the spine abnormally curves causing the body to lean on one side even if the person tries to stand up straight. It usually occurs in children beyond the age of 10 years and is more common in girls. But sometimes, scoliosis may also occur in adults. When it does, the pain it may cause can be more severe than child scoliosis.

Any orthopedic doctor in Ft. Worth will require an x-ray together with a physical exam to check on how severe the spine curvature is. If adult scoliosis is neglected, it may be too bothersome that it can affect your daily activities. Here’s how you can live a stress-free life, even with adult-scoliosis.

Walk More Often

For those who have adult scoliosis, back pain may be caused by sitting or standing for long periods of time. Make it a habit of walking when you go on breaks. Take the stairs for a flight or two instead of using the elevator or take a walk around the block on your coffee break.

Avoid Sleeping Face Down

Sleeping on your stomach adds more weight to your spine. If you have scoliosis, your spine may be weaker than normal. Adding weight to it can make it weaker and cause more pain.

Do Freestyle Swimming Regularly

Swimming is a light sport that tones your whole body as you move both arms and legs. The freestyle stroke is a balanced movement that strengthens your entire body. This, in turn, will strengthen your back and alleviate pain caused by scoliosis.

Practice Yoga

There are many aspects of yoga that can help you deal with scoliosis. The slow movements and stretching, accompanied by the right breathing can help relieve the pain in areas between the neck and your knees. These are the areas that are most affected by scoliosis.

Maintain the Right Weight

Gaining weight can easily wear out your spine as it has to carry a heavier load. Keeping the right weight goes hand-in-hand with eating healthy. Good overall health and well-being can significantly lessen the pain of a curved spine.

If you’ve been having difficulty dealing with back pain, abdominal pain or muscle spasms due to a spine curvature, perhaps it’s time to start doing these tips to alleviate the discomfort it’s causing. Life doesn’t have to be difficult when you have scoliosis. With these tips and your doctor’s help, you can live a stress-free and worry-free life even as you deal with your scoliosis.