Wedding Tips: Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Wedding Venue IdeasMany modern weddings have gone the non-traditional route in terms of venue. And it’s not just the reception we’re talking about but where the actual ceremony is held. The idea have gotten more creative, unique and even crazier.

Could this be your dream wedding, too?


Whether you’re wishing for a fairy tale wedding where you meet your Prince Charming at the end of the red carpet or you simply want the old charm of vintage weddings, a castle should serve as a perfect wedding venue.

Hatch & Co. suggests having a wedding planner find a castle in your area and inquire about renting the place on your wedding day. It will definitely blow guests away and make it an unforgettable experience.


There are certain towns where bridges hold a lot of history and have this rustic and charming appeal. In case you know of one and it has some significance to you or your groom, or would fit your idea of a perfect wedding venue, go for it and make your guests teary-eyed. Just make sure it’s a covered bridge so it’s easier to dress up and provides cover in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.


If you’re the outdoorsy type and want space when you hold the wedding ceremony and reception, think of local, state or national parks as a possible venue. You’ll need to cordon off the area for your purposes and perhaps seek permits from concerned authorities, but it should be unique enough to decorate and turn into some magical place.

Wine Cellar

What’s a wedding without wine? If you’re thinking out-of-the-box, a wine cellar is an intimate place to hold a wedding with lots of character that will stand out even with minimal decorations. Of course, not all wine cellars are created equal so it will take some searching to find the right one for you. The big bonus is having the wine right in front of you where they’re aged and tell their story.

The imagination is your limit when thinking of unique wedding venues in Brisbane. One thing is for sure, churches and gardens aren’t the only places where you can exchange life-changing ‘I do’s.’